Firm Mourns the Loss of Co-founder Robert L. Freedman

— June 2016

The Washington, D.C. law firm of Silver, Freedman, Taff & Tiernan LLP sadly announces the passing of our partner and friend, Robert L. Freedman. Bob was a mentor and friend to attorneys in the banking industry for more than 40 years. His wisdom and guidance to clients, colleagues and his family will be sorely missed.

Bob represented literally hundreds of banks and thrifts and their holding companies, as well as industrial loan companies, credit unions and various other types of financial institutions in matters dealing with the Federal and State regulators, including securities offerings, debt offerings, as well as mergers and acquisitions. Bob also represented groups involved in new charter formation.

He became prominent in the banking arena as the drafter of the first mutual to stock conversion done pursuant to modern regulations promulgated by the Federal banking agencies. In addition to conversions of banks from mutual-to-stock, he has also pioneered conversions of credit unions to mutual savings banks. He was the leading expert in the United States on credit union conversions. He was also involved in many FDIC assisted transactions, an expert in various banking charters and advised clients and Boards of Directors of many public and privately held financial institutions.

Bob also worked with the Congress of the United States and various state legislatures in drafting bills affecting the banking industry and the conversions of credit unions to mutual savings banks. He was also a frequent speaker for national and state trade associations.

His personal interests included the study of American history, and government and politics.