Corporate Defense

We assist management with corporate defense planning, tactics and deployment. Corporate defense begins with a review of the company’s organic corporate documents to make certain that they are advantageous to the company and its stockholders. We work annually with our public clients in preparing for their annual meeting of stockholders and drafting and refining the company’s annual report.

If the barbarians do appear at the gate, our attorneys provide advice to the Board of Directors as to their fiduciary duties and to management as to how best to defend against the attack. We help companies acquire insurance and indemnity coverage and recommend other professionals who can provide valuation and investment banking services. We also advise on such tactics as stock repurchases, issuer tender offers, splits, and on how to defend against an opposing slate of directors in proxy contests.

With years of experience inside and outside the SEC, our attorneys have lived through the cycles of corporate raiders, gadflys, contentious board members, angry institutional investors and others who pose a threat to the current status of the company. When required, we provide round-the-clock defense work in close coordination with other industry experts, such as the proxy soliciting firms and the company’s transfer agent, to help management achieve its objectives.