Private Finance/Venture Capital

Planning and Strategy

We advise privately held companies on business entity choice and on the structure, negotiation and preparation of capital formation transactions. These decisions occur at every stage of a private company’s lifecycle, from startup to maturity. Each financing is critical to the client and will have an impact on the company’s future activities. Accordingly, planning and strategy affect how the transaction will be accomplished. We recognize the uniqueness of each client. We are not a “law factory;” our clients do not expect nor receive “cookie cutter” deals.

Once a company has acquired and deployed its initial funding, we work with them to structure and obtain follow-on rounds to support the growth of their ventures.

Venture Capital and Private Equity Fund Experience

In addition, we help our venture capital and private equity fund clients obtain sufficient protection and control of their investment, balanced with their typical desire to give the investment recipient the liberty to be successful. We provide advice on venture capital fund arrangements, non-disclosure agreements, term sheets, stock purchase and investment agreements, warrants, stockholders agreements and registration rights agreements.